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2SD v2.0... ALREADY?

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

2 step designs newest logo
2 Step Designs V2.0

I know the site generally hasn't been up overly long.. couple months? Probably not even been viewed enough times for me to even post this update but I feel as though I have to.

I like improving on things and am pretty much self OCD on almost everything I do.. I really can't start a project and leave it until I'm fully 100% happy.

Yes, I quoted myself there.

So anyway, although the site generally looked pretty good to start with once I went live with it, it lacked a bit of colour (since we're going with a green theme) and still lacked IMPACT.. so I came up with a bit of a different approach to the front end of the site and how the menu works. I quite like the way it's starting to look now.. I'm generally happier.

Being a late person (It's 3:15am) and I generally get most of my work done at weird-o-clock hours sometimes.. I find I can best concentrate without much distraction and get quite a lot of things done.

So, if you do end up coming across 2 Step Designs before I finish re-doing some pages to tie in with the front-end style I'm going with, bare with it.. It shouldn't take to long to complete, but I will leave the site up and functioning as it is..

All pages work as they have done in the short space the site has been up, they may just look a little different to the front end of the site.

If you're new to viewing the site and don't know what the fuss is all about, then this was the front end before I started fettling about:

2 Step Designs - Lacking impact and colour
2 Step Designs v1.0

Now that's that said, as much as a night-hawk I am, I do need some sleep and I'll be back to finish what I started at my earliest convenience.

Nighty night !



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