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Jaguar Club | Website Design Project

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Jaguar Club Ireland already had a huge presence online via Social Media, Facebook Groups and on Instagram, with members well over the 500 mark. This was a very active and official club for Jaguar in Ireland.

2 Step Designs and the Founder and CEO of JCI, Nadia Power talked about a website for a while as we thought it would help the club in the long run, and boost the club's professional appeal -- after all, a large professional car club, like Jaguar Club Ireland need a website to help grow the community and put it's name online!

2SD set about designing the site over a short period of time, finally publishing it live after a few weeks and then sorting a few other changes here and there.

SEO was a factor in getting results on search engines, which sometimes proves a little tricky, but with good practice and knowledge of how to go about this correctly, using keywords and phrases specifically targeted to users who would potentially be looking for a "Jaguar car club in Ireland" we have gotten Jaguar Club Ireland in very high ranking spots on popular search engines such as Google. Even coming in first on some search phrases.

The site is all about Ease of use, with easy navigation and to be fully mobile-optimized for the average user. We pulled this off perfectly and have had nothing but great feedback from Nadia, the JCI team and it's active members who enjoy how interactive the site is for them.

2 Step Designs will continue to work closely with JCI with regular updates to the Blog and News feeds as well as any other changes that may be discussed.



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