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A Brief Insight to 2SD //

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2 Step Designs Was founded in 2022, based in Listowel in the Kingdom of Kerry, Ireland, and ran by an Award Winning Freelance Web Developer & Graphics Designer as a side project with a vision to develop and grow 2SD into a recognized one-stop solution in Ireland for clients with small to medium business to get their presence known on the web.

A little insight

I started web design at around 16 years old -- back in 2001, before the Wix // Shopify // WordPress and all the other integrated CMS platforms became available to use. With technology growing at a rapid rate, the likes of older style (i.e. phpnuke / postnuke ) self-management platforms that were once the one stop shop for easy online self management websites, well the time has long gone -- these are forgotten technology. The internet has greatly advanced, internet users with zero knowledge of  website coding (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, SQL etc.) are able to make their own websites - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, with the likes of Wix, Shopify and WordPress which provide this service.

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You may think your an elite coding evil genius after watching Milo Hoffman and Teddy Chins skills in that movie Anti Trust, but no. That's not the case. 

From a designer perspective, the technical know-how, layout, designs & styles, fonts and colour choices, experience in what works for the type of website required, ecommerce features, technical side of things, etc, well, Wix just doesn't teach this, and its not something you can learn quickly without background knowledge -- It's also why a lot of "self-made" websites fail to work, and look extremely poor. A Wix website done by a person who has no background experience or designing knowledge is destined to fail. Simply put, it's not as easy as you may think!  That's not even mentioning how to get Found on Google with SEO implementation!

Internet users today go off how a website looks, and can decide within the first 10 seconds weather or not the website is going to be reliable source of what they're looking to get out of it:

Simply put, would you buy something of a website that looks potentially "dodgy"? 

Bad mood

Clearly not !

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For example, if you're in the Car Sales Business, and create your own very basic website with little information, poorly laid out design, links not working correctly, spellnig msitakes etc. - people may avoid you. Exit out of your website and that is one potential customer lost.

This is where background experience, design & layout knowledge of how to bring forward an easy to use, fully optimized functional and responsive site for the everyday user, especially designing it with mobile friendly intentions in mind, considering the vast percentage of internet users browsing the internet are on a mobile device - you need your site to look good on mobile to! We have that covered !

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