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Let us refresh your website with a professional looking design

How do you know if you need website redesign services? Read on to find out the 7 reasons why you may need a website redesign for your businesses website.

  • Rebranding – You are in the process of or have just recently rebranded your company's logo, colors / fonts.

  • Outdated Design – Technology is vastly improving and you have outdated design elements that are no longer supported by many internet browsers.

  • Outdated Content – Your overall company message  has changed and the existing content does not represent your brand correctly anymore.

  • CMS Integration – You are looking to integrate your existing WordPress, Shopify, Joomla or another type of CMS to Wix that requires a website redesign.

  • Functionality – Your existing website functionality is no longer supported by browsers and is subsequently affecting the user experience and CTR's

  • Technical SEO Problems – You have issues within the design and configuration of the website, including improper use of H1/H2 that are affecting your website positions in SERP. 

  • Done by You – Maybe you just had a go at doing it yourself and turns out your not as good of a web designer as you originally thought and require a professional.

Migrating to the WIX Platform.. WHY?

Migrating your website to the Wix Platform or choosing for us to do a Wix redesign, will be one of the best decisions for your business. Wix is a renowned website builder, which is very user friendly and can be chose to launch and manage any type of website – both simple and full-featured. Other platforms such as WordPress or Shopify can be quite complex, expensive to maintain and with limited functionality. ​If you don't already have a website that is on the Wix platform, but still need a website redesign we can help.  We can migrate your site to the Wix Platform & can transfer your website to over to Wix. When we are finished, you will have a user friendly platform that is easily maintainable, optimized for best viewing for both Mobile & Desktop, and a beautifully designed website.

What are the services offered with a Wix Website Redesign?


If you have a website on any other platform, and you'd like to Migrate your website over to the Wix platform, we specialize in migrating all types of websites to the Wix platform. Wix's platform can mimic any other platforms sites and can carry over most, if not all elements and functionality that you like. 


We can fully personalize high quality customized Wix templates. If you have a Wix template in mind that you would like to start with or if you already started with one and need to bring in the professionals, we can work with that too.


.We will address a site’s Content, User Experience, SEO, and Mobile Optimization with obviously its  design aspects.

From colours, fonts and animation we have you covered. Weather you need to attract more customers or streamline your store, we will make sure to get you going on the internet and have automation that makes your website work for you.


2 Step Designs  can create a Wix focused landing page that will aim to capture the audiences attention and data. Weather you need a Landing page for a focused product or subscription to an mailing list or just for a site coming soon page, we have you covered.


Our web redesign services provides tons of high quality, high resolution, professional images for every type of site, from construction websites, restaurant websites, Wix store websites and more. We focus on increasing your website imagery which has more tendencies to catch the attention of the audiences/uses while portraying the exact details of the product or service. We also implement a variety of call-to-actions through out your site so your website can function as it is intended,


Once you have your 2SD Website published on the web, if you choose; you don't have to worry about maintenance. We offer plans for your website with updates and maintenance at a price-per-hour scheme (or paid monthly updates) - whichever is the most cost effective and will discuss with you what requirements you may have for further future updates you may need relating to your site design as needed.


We will make your website mobile user friendly at your request. Everyone is on a mobile device these days so we will make sure to render your site for the most optimal, responsive use on all mobile devices available. This ensures your audience will get the best viewing experience across the board. 


If your website doesn't show in the results on the first page of search engines, you may be missing out on more sales than you realize. All our designed websites will have our basic SEO services implemented FOC and we will do real-time SEO consulting with you directly and help you write and build up quality, optimized content throughout your site that will get found on the popular Search Engines and help you to climb the ranks!

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